Everyone at On-Line Real Estate has been truly helpful and understanding with our move overseas and we do appreciate it. - Theresa (Property Owner) - March 2012

Sindy, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and your team for completing our service request for our pilot light on our heater so quickly. We have a 6 day old newborn and it means a great deal to myself and my husband that our home will be warm tonight! We just wanted to express our gratitude and hope you have a wonderful week! - Natalie - December 2011

I wanted to thank all of ya'll for your professionalism and express my gratitude for the last 2-1/2 years we have lived here. The maintenance was awesome, usually coming the day I call. I had a HORRIBLE experience with another management company and have referred On-Line to all my friends looking. - Brooke - September 2011

I just wanted to let you and your team know how grateful I am to how fast ya'll responded to the leak in my apartment. The people who came to do the work were VERY nice and respected my belongings and my patio I recently planted and did a lot of work to the yard at my own cost. They were careful and quick. I'm not used to Property Management going so far out of their way to make sure tenants are comfortable. So please let your team know that ya'll are amazing and thank you so much.... Budah was our agent and he also was amazing and I refer him to people all the time. The couple that lives down the street, I referred them - Nicole - July 2011

You guys are great! I recommended you to the owner of the building next to mine. - Brian (Property Owner)- June 2011

Budah!!!!!!! You're the best!! Wish you would come see what I did to the patio yard area!!! I spent a lot of time and money!!! You would LOVE IT. - Nicole - June 2011

Thanks so much for always taking such good care of us! - Amy (Property Owner) - June 2011

Great Service. Jim Baletka helped us from start to finish. He was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and he really worked for us. Jim gets things done! We have a perfect house now and cannot thank them enough - Amy - April 2011

Thank you for being one of the best places that I have lived. Your staff has made it pleasant. Special thanks to Melissa! - Donna - March 2011

Wonderful locator service and property management. They are organized and knowledgable. A pleasure to work with!! - Monica - March 2011

A long distance move is always a huge challenge and we were in the middle of a lot of chaos at the time. Your agent, Darrell "Budah" Gibbs found the house for us and we moved in shortly after. The house is truly our home now and we are very happy there. If someone should ask me about where to go and find a nice rental home, I would tell them to call "Budah" at On-Line Real Estate. The process of getting a house was easy which was a surprise to us as we had not rented for more than 25 years. We are very satisfied tenants. Please tell your maintenance team what a great job they have done - Jerry and Lynne - December 2010

Thanks so much for your help and concern during my time of hardship and stress due to the tragic death of my husband. I know NO company like yours that shows such compassion and help for their tenants - Jayme - September 2010

I received all three of my degrees (B.S, M.S. & Ph. D.) while living in my apartment. Thank you for a great 7 years!! - Bobby - August 2010

I love this agency!! Jim was nice and got my a place quick. Everyone is helpful and easy to talk to. They come off as the type of people who help you no matter what and they are generous to do so. :) I'm tryin to get back into renting with them, I just need to browse a bit, but if I have any questions or anything, they are more than happy to help. If you are planning to rent from them, you wouldn't regret it. - Adrian - June 2010

We want to Thank You for an enjoyable experience with this company and our apartment - Sarah & Samantha - June 2010

James is the man I needed to find a place quickly. James pushed me in the direction I needed to go so that my wife and child would be in a better area. The office staff is pretty good, but James is the star. If I were not buying a house I would call him again. - Chris - June 2010

As a college student I used On Line Real Estate and their FREE apartment locater service. You meet with one of their agents and they will help you locate the perfect rental property to meet your needs, whether it is an apartment, house, duplex, or whatever you might be looking for. I was happy with my experience with On Line Real Estate. - Kelly - August 2005