Budah Gibbs Darrell "Budah" Gibbs
Leasing Agent
Megan Bright Megan Bright
Leasing Agent
Office: (979) 268-8620 x108 Office: (979) 268-8620 x109
Cell: (979) 450-9588 Cell: (979) 422-3388
budah@bcsonlinerealestate.com megan@bcsonlinerealestate.com
  Connor Russell
Leasing Agent
Ric Thomas
Leasing Agent
Office: (979) 268-8620 x121 Office: (979) 268-8620 x114
Cell: (979) 492-0163 Cell: (979) 220-6072
connor@bcsonlinerealestate.com ric@bcsonlinerealestate.com
Valeri Gibbs Valeri Gibbs
Leasing Agent

Office: (979) 268-8620 x103

If you would like information on becoming a Leasing Agent with our company, please contact our office. We are looking for motivated individuals that are interested in earning a commissioned income based on production. We have Part and Full Time positions available. In Texas, leasing agents are required to hold a Texas Real Estate License. We can assist you in obtaining this license. Contact us if you have any interest.